Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Essential Oils for Emotional Support

When I first heard of people using essential oils for emotional support, I thought it was a total placebo effect.  I didn't think it was possible for them to truly help heal and support healthy emotions.  Once I started using the oils for other things and experienced their powerful benefits, I figured I would give them a chance to help to help me emotionally and I am so glad that I did.

Young Living offers a lot of different oils and blends that specifically target emotions and I received quite a few of them through my Essential Rewards order for May.  I am not sure how everyone else uses the oils, but as I have said before, I use them as promptings to pray.  So when I apply Hope, I am praying for hope and speaking Scriptures about hope to help renew my mind and change my attitude about things going on in my life.  I do the same for all the other oils I have been using for emotional support and have been experiencing some wonderful results.  On the days that I use them, I notice a huge difference in how I am thinking, feeling and the choices that I am making.  I feel more balanced and more "in control" of how I respond to circumstances that I can't control.  I feel more kind and gracious towards people as I release them from having to treat me a certain way for me to be happy.  I find myself effortlessly eating better and having more energy because I feel motivated and hopeful that I may finally lose this extra weight I have carried for years and become a healthier woman for my family.

Would this change be possible without the oils?  Absolutely!  Prayer alone and Scripture meditation are powerful and life changing.  But... I wasn't praying for these things before I started using the oils.  So they have motivated me to pray and I am definitely seeing good change happening.

I wanted to share what I have been doing on a daily basis to help my emotional health in case you need some inspiration.  I've been struggling with many things for a long, long time and was almost at a breaking point with my perfectionism caused depression.  I felt I was never good enough and was rapidly losing hope in every area of my life - marriage, children, home making, weight, health, etc.  God has been doing a great healing work in me over the last month and I am starting to taste freedom.  The powerful and passionate part of me that God created is starting to flourish again and I am realizing now more than ever that my family needs me to feed and cultivate that.  And to do that, I need hope and a consistent level of emotional stability.  

I have been using the following oils daily.  I also listed their prices so you could prioritize what you could order based on your budget.  (Note - These are WHOLESALE prices that only members have access to.  If you have not purchased a Premium Starter Kit to become a member, the retail prices you would pay are 24% higher.)

Bergamot ($27.00) - I diffuse this daily along with a grounding oil like Balsam Fir and a fresh and energizing oil like Lemon.  

Forgiveness ($52.50) - I apply a drop around my belly button whenever I start remembering past hurts or when I find myself focusing on not being perfect.  Basically, when I need to forgive myself or others. 

Hope ($57.25) - I apply a drop to my wrists every morning before my quiet time where I go over my Power Sheets and study and throughout the day when I start losing hope for certain situations.

Joy ($41.75) - I roll this over my heart throughout the day if I start having negative thoughts about myself, others or my circumstances.

Motivation ($51.00) - I apply a drop of this on my wrists if I start feeling like I can't do something like eat properly, get up from the afternoon quiet time, exercise, etc.  I pray for strength and focus and I pray against the spirit of laziness that is keeping me from achieving my goals.  

Present Time ($86.50) - I have been applying a drop of this underneath my nose several times a day lately.  We are in a waiting period of life right now as we are in a transitional living situation.  I have found it difficult not to regret the past or worry about the future but to just relax and be thankful and content with where we are now.  I focus on that when I apply this blend.

Release ($38.25) - I roll this over my liver every morning and also behind my ears and on my wrists throughout the day.  I focus on releasing myself and others from being perfect in order for me to have peace.  I receive that peace from The Spirit.  

Stress Away ($29.75) - I apply a drop of this over my chest before going to bed at night to help unwind.

Surrender ($26.00) - Joshua and I both use this when our emotions get way out of control.  I dilute it and massage it onto our shoulders and focus on God's love for us and His perfect timing in all things.  Surrendering doesn't come naturally to either of us and this has really helped us realize on our need for that.

I don't use all of these everyday but when I find myself struggling, I usually realize that I haven't used my oils that day.  I am ones like Present Time, Forgiveness and Motivation less and less which I believe speaks volumes to how God is healing me in those areas.  Victory that lasts is what I truly desire and for the first time in years, I feel like there is hope.

If you are struggling in any way emotionally and need some support and recommendations on what could help, please let me know!

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  1. You are such an inspiration, I am so glad God had us meet! This is beautiful and helpful.