Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are Essential Oils Affordable? - Part Four - Young Living's Compensation Plan

When I first signed up for a wholesale membership with Young Living, I had some intentions of turning it into a business but certainly not at the level that is has become.  I planned on selling a few kits to make up our initial investment and then just trying to sell one a month to be able to cover my costs to stay in the Essential Rewards program.  But when I started using the oils and began experiencing their life changing benefits, it fueled me to keep sharing them with other people.  I want everyone to have these oils so their health can be supported, too.  The fact that I made money from doing that was an added bonus.  The fact that I have made larger amounts of money than I ever thought possible as a stay-at-home-mom has been an incredible blessing.

So for my final post on making essential oils affordable, I wanted to share the business opportunity that comes with a wholesale membership with Young Living.  Young Living's compensation plan is the most generous network marketing plan I have ever seen.  So how does that help you make essential oils affordable?

My commission checks from Young Living have covered the cost of every single product that you see above - PLUS extra income for our family to use for other things.  That means that every single product you see above was purchased without our budget being affected at all - they were basically FREE.  I am so excited about this because my heart has always been to give my family high quality supplements and essential oils but that just was not something that we could make a priority in our budget.  It was difficult to justify the costs.  Once I learned the compensation plan and started sharing the products with others and investing in the business builders in my down-line, our team exploded and we have all been incredibly blessed by it.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that you, too, can earn enough to cover the costs of your products from Young Living PLUS have some extra income for your family.  It opens up opportunities for you that you may have thought were impossible.  It makes the products you really want accessible to you.  Maybe you are working full or part time but would rather stay home with your family.  Maybe you just want to cover the cost of your orders.  Maybe you want to supplement your spouse's income by doing some work from home.  All of these (and more!) are possible through Young Living and that makes me excited and bold enough to share that with all of you.

Joining our team will be a great experience for you!  We have monthly business meetings and have access to tons of resources to grow your business.  I love blessing our business builders with extra goodies every so often, too.  You will have all the help and support you need from me and our leadership.  It is a great group of people.

Interested?  Questions?  Contact your Enroller and/or Sponsor for help and support.  You CAN afford essential oils from Young Living!

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