Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are Essential Oils Affordable? - Part Two - Essential Rewards

In order to keep your wholesale membership active (which qualifies you for 24% off Young Living's retail prices) you are required to order just 50 PV per year.  This wholesale discount is an incredible value!  However, there is a way to save even more on their products.  It is with their Essential Rewards program.

When you enroll in Essential Rewards, you are signing up for an auto ship order of at least 50 PV per month.  You select your auto ship date as well as what products you would like to receive monthly when you enroll in the program.  Your order can be the same or different every month.  Why would you commit to a minimum monthly order?  There are many benefits to this program!

  • Months 1 to 6 - Earn an EXTRA 10% back on Essential Rewards purchases!
  • Months 7 to 12 - Earn an EXTRA 15% back on Essential Rewards purchases!
  • After One Year - Earn an EXTRA 20% back on Essential Rewards purchases!
This means that after one year, you have increased your savings from 24% off retail prices to 44% off retail prices!  This is huge!  Your can allow your points to accumulate over time and place an order for any products that would be covered by your Essential Rewards points under the Quick Order option in your account.  The graphic above shows the last two orders I have placed for FREE using the Essential Rewards points I have earned over the last four months.

But there are even more benefits!
  • Reduced Shipping Charges!
  • Additional FREE products and Essential Rewards Points for reaching certain order totals!
Every month, Young Living offers additional free products at the 190 PV, 250 PV and 300 PV levels and an additional free product if your order is placed through Essential Rewards.  The total of all these free products is usually well over $100.  Often, they also offer $20 vouchers you can give to friends and family to sign up at a discounted amount or additional Essential Rewards points in addition to the percentage you are already earning on your orders. 

Our family spends at least 300 PV per month so that we can earn as many Essential Rewards points as possible as well as all the Exclusive Rewards products that they offer.  This has been a real blessing for us as we are growing our collections of oils and products that we need - a lot of them at no cost to us.  So we are taking full advantage of this program.

You need to stay in the program for a minimum of two consecutive months to be able to use the Essential Rewards Points that you have earned.  At that point, you may cancel (and start over again anytime) or continue if you are loving the program.  

If you are interested in Essential Rewards and/or have more questions, ask your Sponsor or Enroller for more details!

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