Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are Essential Oils Affordable? - Part Three - Get a Zyto Scan

When you become a member of Young Living, you will receive a product guide with your Premium Starter Kit.  If you are like me, you will be so excited to look through it.  I spent a lot of time making my wish list and marking pages of the products I wanted to try.  Then, I looked at the total and got completely overwhelmed with how much it was all going to cost.  It was obvious we couldn't afford them all right away, but how was I going to prioritize?

That is when I discovered the Zyto Scan.  My leadership brought one to a class that I attended and I was so excited to get scanned.  How does it work?  You place your hand on a cradle that introduces your body to the different frequencies of every product Young Living offers.  Based on your body's subtle responses to the frequencies of these products, it is able to determine which ones fall within range and which ones fall out of range.  It uses the products that fell out of range to generate a personalized report showing you those products and how they will benefit your body when added to your healthy lifestyle.

This becomes your new wish list!  I am always blown away by the accuracy of the results every time I am scanned and so are many others.  The technology is used by thousands of health professionals around the world and we are so blessed to have access to it through our affiliation with a local Young Living team.  While it is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease, I believe it is a great way to help you choose which oils and nutritional supplements you can purchase to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

A lot of large Young Living groups offer this service to their teams for a small fee.  Contact your team leadership if you are interested in being scanned!

Note - Oftentimes, the Zyto Scan may recommend a product that is out of your budget.  You can use your reference guide to research some other options for comparable products that are more cost effective but have similar properties to the product the Zyto recommended.

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Disclaimer - All of these recommendations are meant to be used with Young Living products only.   None of these claims have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional and you are encouraged to seek the guidance of medical professionals that you know and trust - doctors, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists, naturopaths.  All products react differently for every person so there is no guarantee that improvements will be made using the above recommendations. The above products were recommended based on research, personal experience and the testimonies of others.  Please consult your health care practitioner when making any changes to your medical routine. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  

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