Monday, December 14, 2015

Car Care

Our Tahoe recently hit 300,000 miles (Whoop! Whoop!) and we are hoping it keeps going. I pray for it often - that God would make it last like He did the sandals of the Israelites in the desert (over 40 years in abrasive sand!). So it is nothing short of a miracle that it is still a safe car that runs perfectly.

We also take really good care of it. Anthony is very diligent about oil, filter and other fluid changes. I also try to keep it cleaned inside. I find that taking good care of (old and well used!) things makes me even more grateful for them. I like contentment. smile emoticon

This is all we use to clean our vehicles. Two cap-fulls of the Thieves Household Cleaner go into this 16 oz. bottle and then it is filled with water. (That concentrate lasts FOREVER.) I use it to clean all the surfaces - yes - even windows! It does a wonderful job, sanitizes everything (steering wheels are super gross, guys) and smells AMAZING. When I am done with that, I finish it off by spraying all the upholstery with Purification Spray that I make by putting 20 drops of Purification into an 8 oz. bottle and then filling it with water.

Easy! Safe! DONE! It smells so great I can't wait to run errands again. wink emoticon

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