Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beeswax Taper Candles with Essential Oils

Since becoming an essential oils addict/hoarder/completely obsessed person, I have been diffusing non-stop and sometimes I do miss burning candles.  Thanks to the hours I have spent researching why everything (including candles) should be far from our home, I haven't burned a candle in over a year.  I was excited when I saw a homemaking blog I follow using these beeswax sheets to make taper candles.  I had looked into making candles before but the process seemed too messy and difficult.  But rolling up wax sheets... I could handle that.

Of course, I had to add essential oils to the candles so they would fill our home with wonderful aromas while they burned.  It was a super easy process.  Each one only took a few minutes which is good because I collect candlesticks and have a lot to fill.

Beeswax Taper Candles with Essential Oils

Step One - Place the wick on the edge of the beeswax sheet.  Drop six drops of any essential oil onto the wick.  Allow to soak in for about 30 seconds.

Step Two - Roll up the beeswax sheet.  It sticks to itself so that makes it easy.  Roll it as tight as you can because it will last longer if the layers are not loose.

Step Three - Put it into your candle holder!  If the candle is too small for your candle stick, simply soften the base of the candle over a flame and quickly press it into your candlestick.  The wax will harden quickly and will stay put!

Step Four - Light the candle and enjoy!  (Good luck stopping at just one!)

These beeswax sheets were great quality!  They are all natural and contain no petroleum, which means lots of good things.  Give these a try and have fun experimenting with different oils!

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