Friday, January 8, 2016

Cleaning your Diffuser

Raise your hand it you love Thieves and Christmas Spirit and Orange and Patchouli and Peace & Calming all the other oils that turn your diffusers this lovely color! ME! smile emoticon

I cleaned all mine this week as they ran out and needed to be refilled. To do this, I just put two drops of Lemon oil on a paper towel and wiped them out. Can you believe the Lemon oil did this?! I was amazed. Then, I dipped a q-tip in some rubbing alcohol and carefully rubbed it over the ultrasonic plate to remove the build-up of oils there.

I wipe the ultrasonic plate off with the provided cleaning device every time I refill them but it had been WAY too long for a good cleaning with Lemon and alcohol. It really does make a difference - the aromas were much stronger after this and it stretches the life of your diffusers!

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