Friday, January 22, 2016

DIY Eye Roll-On Blend

I have been using this DIY Eye Roll-On Blend around my eyes for a few months now. I originally started this because Joshua scratched my eye a few years ago and I got a corneal abrasion. After MANY rounds of steroid treatments, it never seemed to get better. We all know that carrots are great for eye health and the addition of Frankincense was a no brainer. Because, eye crease wrinkles. smile emoticon Also, I add Frankincense to ALL THE THINGS. 

This has really helped to lessen the discomfort in my eye. I also think the skin around my eyes is brighter. Seriously, I never have dark under eye circles. (Thank you, Frankincense and Woflberry Eye Cream!) I have also noticed that I don't need my glasses as often when I am reading or driving at night. So... dare I say my eyesight is improving? I think so! It's just a great blend for overall eye health and it is really easy to use as a roll-on.

DIY Eye Roll-On Blend

20 drops YL Carrot Seed Essential Oil
15 drops YL Frankincense Essential Oil

Add essential oils to a 5 mL bottle and fill to the top with V-6 or a carrier oil of choice. Place a roller fitment on top and screw on the cap to set the top properly in place. Roll around your eyes twice a day, being careful not to get the oil into your eye. Rub in and cover with Wolfberry Eye Cream, if desired.

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