Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get Better Quick Regimen

Both kids woke up this morning not feeling well. One got sick a few times and the other has been coughing and dry heaving. Both are cold and cuddly with pale, sleepy faces. So I thought I would share what I do in these rare circumstances when something actually gets them down.

1 - Make special beds for them on the couch. To do this, I put a drop of Peace & Calming on their lovies and favorite blankets and pillows. I let them know what is going on and pray for them. It's amazing how much more relaxed and at ease they seem after this. (This is the point when they start asking for oils...) wink emoticon

2 - I put Thieves and Lemon in the diffuser to help keep the air in our home clean.

3 - I make iced Lemon water. Our Lemon oil is made from the rind so it isn't acidic and can aid in neutralizing pH in their bellies. We call it special lemonade and they take a sip every so often.

4 - I rub a drop of diluted Peppermint on their bellies. I'll do this as needed every few hours.

5 - I rub a drop each of diluted Oregano and Thieves on their spines and feet. I'll do this every few hours for a day or two (if needed).
6 - As they are able to keep things down, we'll double up on NingXia Red to give them high doses of antioxidants and immune system supporting essential oils.
7 - I also have Peppermint and Citrus Fresh going in the diffuser in the kitchen so I get an energizing boost every time I go in there. I also rolled Joy on my heart and some En-R-Gee on the back of my neck. Yup. Mama needs support for times like these, too!

For us, this is really effective and easier and far cheaper (and less time consuming!) than a trip to the doctor and pharmacy. Now, for extra snuggles and lots of PBS. I am confident they will be back to normal in no time!

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