Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hosting a Simple Intro to Oils Class

I am getting ready to teach a class tonight for a dear friend who has about seven potential new members attending! The items I bring and the presentation I give seems to get more simplified every time I teach. The oils and products truly do speak for themselves and teaching about them in person is my absolute favorite thing. When someone who has never experienced a truly pure essential oil before smells them for the first time, the look on their face is worth everything I do. It's like their body says - YES - I NEED THAT! smile emoticon It's priceless and still gets me excited.

I bring the starter kit and diffuser, a few of my favorite other products, clipboards with handouts I made for attendees to follow along in the discussion, a little gift for the host and some things to make it all look pretty. The classes are SO FUN and really informative. All you need to do is invite some loved ones and provide a little snack and drink (because, food).  It is also a good idea to have a laptop set up and ready to go for enrollments with a print out of the current month's promos. smile emoticon

(For some ideas on easy snacks, see my food posts!)

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