Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feelings Kit Protocol

Happy Sunday! smile emoticon Let's talk about the Feelings Kit this morning. heart emoticon
It's a collection of oils that contains six 5 mL bottles of...
Inner Child
Present Time
Gary Young designed this collection to be used to bring you the ultimate level of emotional clearance, balance and self renewal. I ordered this early last year when our lives were extremely stressful with our house being on the market.
I was in this hole and just couldn't seem to crawl out of it. I knew all the healing I needed was in Jesus, but I had no idea how to manifest it. So... I needed help. I was having regular panic attacks and was about five minutes away from calling my doctor for a prescription for anxiety or depression medication. My dad spent years addicted to those things and I was scared to death of them. So those of you who know me and my history know how desperate I must have felt to even consider that. Then, I called a Christian counseling center to see if I could see someone and the first appointment was going to cost $175 with every hour long appointment after that being $125. I had no idea how many sessions I would need and could feel the stress rising as I added up all those costs.
I had not even considered using essential oils for emotional issues until I had reached this point of desperation and literally CRIED out to God for help. I had reached the end of myself, which really, is a beautiful place to be. heart emoticon God didn't give us what we needed to run our own lives (Jeremiah 10:23). We need Him. So while I was praying I really felt Him say to my heart, "Use what is in your hands." I immediately though - OILS. They have helped us in so many other ways. Why not see if they could help me emotionally.

So I had this kit overnight-ed before I could change my mind. I decided I was going to use these oils in conjunction with Scripture, prayer and declarations of Truth that would speak to my circumstances and emotions. It took a week or two and then I started noticing some changes. IT WAS WORKING. I was praying for hurts and fears in my heart and mind that I had not prayed for in YEARS due to bitterness, resentment and un-forgiveness towards other people and God. I wasn't talking about my problems. I was speaking the solution and anointing myself with powerful God-given gifts. (OILS) Shew - it's an incredibly effective partnership!
FREEDOM, you guys. There is nothing like it. HEALING. It's an incredible gift and one I desire for everyone.
So if you are struggling at all with any kind of emotional issues, I highly suggest the Feelings Kit. I have written out a protocol that you can download from my site to use along with the oils.  There is one included in the kit that doesn't include Scriptures but it does tell you where to apply the oils which is really helpful! It's easy to do. Just put the oils where it tells you to and say the Scriptures and prayers out loud. Even if you don't feel like it. DO IT. There were many days I did this through gritted teeth because I just didn't want to. But, trust that the oils and God's Word are doing what they are created to do. Go through the protocol at least twice a day and then go on with your life. And... wait for freedom and healing. Expect your marriage to improve. Expect your overall health and wellness to improve. Expect your finances to improve. Expect your thoughts to improve. Expect to be more confident and less offensive. Expect to be able to better manage stress. Expect restoration. EXPECT it ALL in HOPE AND FAITH. No matter what.
And know that I am agreeing with you in prayer as you start this wonderful journey!

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