Friday, February 12, 2016

Progessence Plus

WOMEN - I need to talk to you about this little bottle of oil. (Yes - This post is kind of long, but bear with me. You'll be glad you did!) I am sure I am going to flirt with the FDA Compliance line with this post... but sometimes you just have to put yourself out there because you SO BADLY want others to receive healing - spirit, soul and body. So, let me try to hold back the tears and tell you some things. (Men - This post may make you feel weird, but read/suffer through it. The women in your life will thank you.)
I have had endometriosis and ovarian cysts since I was 13. I will be 30 this year so that's 17 years. That's roughly 200 periods. I have had surgeries, injections, pills, sonograms, blood tests, biopsies, diet changes, supplements (SO MANY SUPPLEMENTS)... you name it. Every single month for years I would have cramps, clots and pressure that was so bad, I would be in bed for two or three days. Overnight pads? I'd be changing them every two hours. Not even kidding. Tampons? Never bought them. They were useless. Motrin? Would barely take the edge off the intense pain. Mood swings? Yes. Difficult pregnancies? Yes. Miscarriages? Yes. Difficult labors and deliveries? Yes. Low sex drive? Yes. Headaches? Back pain? Hot flashes? Nausea? Adrenal fatigue? Trouble with weight loss? Yes. All the yeses. Seriously. Name a bad symptom when it comes to anything with my uterus and ovaries, and I probably experienced it. Add to that the fact that I have tried EVERYTHING possible to get well. And all of it just make me more sick, more tired and more irritable. Plus, it cost a fortune and took tons of time.
To say the least - it was awful and all so very frustrating and discouraging. Plus, I was so bitter about it all that I had just stopped praying about it and believing for healing. It just felt... hopeless.

Enter - Progessence Plus. At the end of 2014, I realized that I was having a BAD period every 14 days since having had our daughter. I was really sick. Like - actually sick. And more exhausted than I have ever been in my life. My body was in a really bad place and surgery to just remove it all seemed inevitable. This was kind of my last ditch effort. So I started using it daily. Within 6 weeks, I was regular and within three months, I was having periods with no cramps, pressure or clotting and I wasn't exhausted anymore. Within six months, my emotions were better and weight started coming off. Fast forward to yesterday, when I had my yearly OB/GYN appointment and was drilled by my doctor on everything that I usually complained about.
Still irregular? No. Still having cramps and migraines? No. Well - I see you've lost like 35 pounds since last year so I guess you aren't having trouble losing weight anymore? Correct. Sex drive still low? No. Still exhausted and emotional? No. So... any issues you want to discuss? No. Do we need to run any tests or look into hormone therapy again? No.
For the first time in 17 years, I was able to see my OB/GYM for a regular pap test and breast exam. NOTHING ELSE. Like a normal human being.
Cue the happy tears. Seriously. GOD HAS HEALED ME. There - I said it. (Sorry, FDA.) Could He have done it without the oil? Heck yes. God is amazing and more powerful than anything on this earth. But I needed the dang oil. Because understanding and receiving His gifts of Grace and Love are VITAL for us to receive the other things He has for us. And that is what these oils are - an extension of His Love and Grace. For me, they are a bridge to HEALING AND FREEDOM. And let me tell you - being healed from all that nonsense? FREEDOM. No other word for it.
So, PLEASE. If you are a women, order Progessence Plus. Put a drop on your forearms and a drop on your inner ankles every morning. It's not difficult. Seriously. JUST DO IT. It's PERFECTLY safe for you. I would shout this from the mountaintops if Delaware had them. grin emoticon Even if you aren't having all the problems I was having, use it anyway. Your life will get better. AMEN.

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