Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lemon Oil for Laundry Stains

I have heard about this trick before but have not gotten around to trying it. Until yesterday!

I bought this white dress for Lizzy for Easter. I know... rookie mom mistake. wink emoticon But the dress was just so precious that I couldn't help myself. OF COURSE within the first two minutes of Easter breakfast, she had strawberry juice running down the whole front of it. It ended up sitting on there all day and night because I forgot to soak it when we got home. SO... when I went to do her laundry yesterday morning, I put four drops of Lemon oil over some of the stains. Then, I just washed it with her clothes with Thieves Laundry Detergent, like always.

It came out looking brand new! Strawberry juice... that had sat there for like 36 hours. I was so impressed! Plus, it smells extra fresh and lovely and I don't have to worry about crazy chemicals from store bought stain removers are touching her skin.heart emoticon

I love how versatile, safe and effective essential oils are!

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