Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Woman's After Shower Lotion

I've shared this recipe at a few classes lately and thought I would go ahead and put it on here for all of you! smile emoticon 

While I cannot say that this prevents anything, I can say that this is a REALLY SMART thing for women to do on a daily basis. heart emoticon (Ya feel me?!) wink emoticon

I use this body butter after I get out of the shower each night and apply it to my breast tissue(including the lymph-nodes under my arms), abdomen and legs (concentrating on my inner thighs, because hormones). The Frankincense is great for cell regeneration, the Lemongrass aids in skin tightening, the Grapefruit is wonderful for staying trim and smooth and the Cypress supports proper circulation. It smells lovely and the ingredients are very economical choices. It's a great way to stretch the Frankincense that we all love!

Woman's After Shower Lotion

1/2 cup whipped Coconut Oil
25 drops Frankincense
20 drops Lemongrass
20 drops Cypress
20 drops Grapefruit

Mix well, store in a glass jar and apply after your shower to desired areas. Feel free to add other oils that you are scanning for or want to include for specific wellness goals!

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