Monday, July 18, 2016

Oils - Options for Your Littles

So a little while ago, I was in the kitchen and heard a loud BOOM.  Lizzy started screaming and Joshua started running down the hallway in a panic yelling for me.  I ran back into Lizzy's room and she was sitting in her bed with blood everywhere... she had busted her lip on one of her bed rails.

I scooped her up and brought her into the kitchen where I went through FOUR paper towels before I could even see what we were dealing with.  I just wouldn't stop bleeding to I threw some Geranium and Lavender  (who knows how many drops) in my hands, rubbed them together and rubbed them all over her lip, chin, cheeks... basically the whole bottom of her face.  Then, I held my hand over her lip for about 30 seconds to make sure the oil got into her gigantic cut and prayed for her out loud with Joshua.

The bleeding stopped almost immediately and the painful screams subsided to sad sobs.  I gave her a cold herb pack to hold against her lip and we laid down on the couch together for awhile.  Joshua was totally traumatized.  So I got up and put some Valor on him to help him be brave and now we are all laying on the couch together calmly and happily watching Netflix.


Now excuse me while I go huff some Frankincense, wash some sheets and clothes and praise God for His amazing creation!  I love my babies but He loves them even more and He has given me tools to care for them well.  I am so thankful for His provision!

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