Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cypress to Warm Up

I know I've posted about this before but we used this again today and it reminded me how grateful I am to always have Cypress on hand. The kids played outside in the snow for about 30 minutes... the last several without gloves because they "couldn't make snowballs with mittens on". Needless to say, their little hands were red and cold as ice when I got them inside and they didn't like it. I put a few drops of Cypress in my hands and rubbed their hands and arms with it. Then, I laid them on the couch with blankets to warm up. They were totally fine and their hands were a normal color within a minute or two. Then, we ate snow ice cream. :-P 

This oil is amazing! It supports healthy circulation and helps to warm your body in the area you apply it. Simply apply a few drops to cold hands and feet and you'll be amazing at how well it works. (No more making your hubby fussy at night because you are touching him under the sheets with ice cold feet, ladies!) ;) I also like using it over my heart and on my legs (hello, pregnancy veins...) and it's amazing diffused with a citrus and Frankincense. Glorious.

So add this to your next ER order now (to earn points on it!) or Quick Order soon if you don't already have a bottle! You will love it... especially during winter. <3

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