Tuesday, January 31, 2017

End of the Month Hustle Goodies

End of the month hustle is a real thing in this business. The last few days of the month mean a lot of take out salads and wraps, chipped nail polish, no showers, a messier than usual office, extra NingXia Red, a whole bottle of Peppermint :-P and (most recently) this Live Your Passion oil blend. I apply it over my heart and just thank God for using YL to pull me out of a deep, dark pit and surrounding me with all of you amazing people. Seriously. YOU get me out of bed every single morning and this hustle is my absolute favorite thing. So, yes. We have awesome products for this, too.
Our team is highly blessed and greatly favored. The growth we have had since October is truly unreal. Did you know that 117 people have joined us and we have over 62,000 in sales volume THIS MONTH?! I told you... UNREAL.
My head stays spinning and my heart stays full. I love, love, love it. :) <3

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