Monday, April 10, 2017

Release & Forgiveness

Many of you do now know this but I lived twenty-eight years of my life in bondage.  Worse than that, I was constantly trying to put people in my life in bondage, too.  I had been hurt in big ways.  A LOT.  And I wore a victim mindset like a badge that I used to justify being miserable and that I used to fuel my desire to control people and circumstances like a puppet master.  I was convinced that if I was going to have peace and joy, the people in my life had to treat me a certain way and my circumstances had to live up to all my (ever-changing) expectations.  That kind of life is a black hole.  It doesn't fill you... it's never ending... it'll never get you what you really want. In fact, it pushes the things you really want further and further away.

I blamed everyone and everything else... until one day I owned up to the fact that if I didn't like my life, I had to change.  As the saying goes, "Everywhere you go, there you are."  I reached a point where I realized that the only constant in my miserable life was... me.  So the fear of continuing down that miserable road with high highs and low lows became greater than the fear of facing myself and letting people around me off the hook.  So I started working on it with God and I am happy to say that CONSISTENTLY pairing these two oils with Scripture, faith-filled words and actions and learning to focus on Jesus instead of myself was the process God used to set me free from all of it.  What used to take weeks or months to get past now takes just a few minutes.  Not kidding.  That's what I call freedom.  <3

I highly recommend investing in these two blends and taking some time to find some Scripture to pair them with if you are ready and wanting to...

... receive and give forgiveness easily.
... let people and situations go.
... trust God.
... be free from your joy and peace being found in circumstances and people.
... have better relationships.

Ask God to know you how to use them and where to apply them for your specific needs and journey to freedom.  <3  He wants you to involve Him in this.  He tells us in Proverbs that it is not in us to direct our own steps.  We need Him.

Some great books that can also help you change your thinking (AKA - renew your mind) in some of these areas are Seize the Day by Joyce Meyer, Grace Revolution by Joseph Prince, Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk, Self Centered-ness is the Root of all Grief by Andrew Wommack and Change Your Words Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer.  I also like the Amplified Version of the Bible.  It gives great enhancements to each verse using various definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek texts.


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