Thursday, May 11, 2017

My WHY for Sharing

For the year after Lizzy was born, Anthony missed over a week of work a month because I was either too sick, in too much pain or too depressed to get out of bed. Simply put, it was... bad. It was a dark season and after trying literally EVERYTHING to get me the help I needed, we were at a point where a hysterectomy seemed to be the only option that would give me any level of a decent quality of life.
BUT... before we scheduled the surgery, I convinced Anthony to let me try one more natural thing. He was reluctant... not because he didn't want me to get better but because I'd gotten my hopes up and had huge disappointment about so many things before and they all sucked. Like... really sucked. Sucked money, sucked time, sucked energy... and then gave nothing back except frustration and disappointment. He thought oils were weird and that it was just some weird placebo aromatherapy effect. Frankly, I did, too. But something stirred in me when I went to a class and I felt a TINY bit of hope. So... we ordered a few things, I used them consistently and they totally changed my life within a few weeks. We were shocked. And so, so thankful.  (You can read more of the details about my personal story here.)
Because of that, I couldn't keep my mouth shut about it and now I have the HONOR of helping almost 1,000 families get SAFE, effective products and OPTIONS into their homes to change their lives, too. There aren't even words to describe how all of that feels. I know it just seems like I am another network marketing "boss lady" kicking back on some beach "working in my office" with the money rolling in. But... that's really not it. I work hard. REALLY hard. Not because it's good income for our family (even thought it is) but because I am doing something really, really important. These products (and community!) that I am always talking about are actually changing lives for the people that are willing to take responsibility for their length and quality of life... the ones who are willing to NOT take the risk that all the scary research about our cleaners, lotions, candles and OTC medications could actually be true... the ones that are tired of things not working or making their lives worse and more complicated. It's SO AMAZING that it's difficult to put into words. I just want everyone to experience it for themselves so they can fully understand what is available to them, too.

Today, I posted in our team page about the products you see in this photo because they make my life better. It's just that simple. I no longer believe that women need to curl up into a bloating, emotional ball of torturing pain every single month of their lives. There IS freedom available... freedom that doesn't come at a high cost or take a ton of your time or turn you into some crazy all-or-nothing person. Your journey to freedom is just that... YOURS. Nothing more. Whether we realize it or not, we DO have choices and we DO have a say in what crosses the thresholds of our home and the path you take with your wellness. What you breath, put on your skin and eat everyday is going to either increase disease in you, your children and your grandchildren... or decrease. It's YOUR choice. And there is no better time to learn more and do something to move in a good direction than now.:)
If you're ready to learn more, please just ask. If there is something holding you back, let's talk through it. It's really simple... I just want to give you information and give you access to things that could make your life better, too. The proof that it works is there. It's just waiting for your YES to work for you, too. <3 <3 <3

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