Hi, there!  Welcome to Peace of our Home!
If you love simplicity, organizing, modern farmhouse style, coffee, wine, essential oils, business, love, grace and being a little bit crunchy, you are in good company here!
  • I am Ashley Sharp.    
  • I am strong, passionate daughter of God who is loved and who has been set free by Jesus.  I have a full, rich story to share with the world that is full of healing, redemption and hope.  I am blessed with a platform to be able to do just that and am thankful you are here reading and connecting with me.
  • I am a happy wife to my husband Anthony. We met through some friends at church and were married in March of 2010.  He’s an empowering husband and father and is a consistent source of unconditional love in our little family.  Anthony is a talented 8 to 5 software programmer he loves his job.  We were given two beautiful children, a son and daughter.  They are funny, quirky and passionate... much like their mama.  They are smart, thoughtful and kind... much like their Daddy.  These two gifts are such a joy to us.
  • I am also the founder of Peace of our Home... this brand, website and essential oils organization.  I enjoy connecting with strong, like minded women and partnering with them to improve their lives with Jesus, oils and a thriving business.  Seeing other women succeed and find more freedom in themselves and their lives gets me out of bed every single day.  I love it and am so thankful that I get to do it, get paid for it and walk this journey out with so many incredible women.  
If you want a few more details on my personal story, click here!  God has done and is still doing a wonderful work in me!
Our Family - 2014 - Photo by The Beards Photography

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