Getting Started with Essential Oils

To order your Premium Starter Kit and start using everyday oils and a diffuser at the best value, click here.  To learn more about your options, why Young Living and Peace of our Home are so special and how to use essential oils, please keep reading!

We know there are other essential oil companies out there.  So why should you partner with Young Living?

We also know there are other essential oils teams out there to join for support.  So why should you join Peace of our Home?
If essential oils feel overwhelming to you, you are in good company.  None of us have known how to use all eleven oils in our Starter Kits when they arrive. IF we all waited until we knew everything to start, we still wouldn't be using oils and we wouldn't have such powerful testimonies!  Our goal is to help you simply use, love and share your oils with those you love.  You will start with one oil at a time and before you know it, you will be using oils for everything!
So do you have to start with a Premium Starter Kit?  Nope!  Here are your two membership options.  Levels Three and Four are options that are available to take your wholesale membership to the next level.
If you choose to order your Premium Starter Kit... YAY!  You truly are setting yourself up to use oils daily.  If you are curious about what all eleven of these oils can offer you, please keep reading.  The Starter Kit is so well designed.  Young Living thoughtfully included oils that you will want to have on hand for everyday support of your health and wellness.

To encourage you to unbox and use your Starter Kit as soon as it arrives, try these three things first.  Once you have done these, you have used oils all three ways and you are on your way to becoming an oiler!

We send all of our new members a super useful Starter Guide, too.  This Guide shows you ten ways to use each oil in the Starter Kit as well as some of the other benefits of your membership and some more information about essential oils.  If you are ready to get started, please click here.  As soon as you set up your account with Young Living, you can request to be added to our team exclusive Facebook group.  It is a community of over 500 thriving oilers who will empower, support, encourage and inspire you daily.  You will lack no good thing to help you make the most of your investment in the best oils in the world.  We have a lot of fun together, too. If you have questions, please email Ashley at  We will quickly respond so that you get oils in your hands and homes as soon as possible!  

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