Ashley's Journey

I have struggled with hormonal issues since I was thirteen years old. Every month was painful, emotional and difficult. I had surgeries, procedures and took lots of different medications to try and solve the problem. I endured tons of appointments and tests... nothing was helping. After we got married, I was miraculously able to get pregnant, but my problem became staying pregnant. We buried our first and third babies and my pregnancies with both our son and daughter were very difficult. After having our daughter, I was having a cycle every fourteen days so I was always in a lot of pain.  I was exhausted, gained 80 pounds in one year and felt constantly emotionally unstable. I dealt with that for about a year before Anthony made me go to the doctor where I was told I probably had a uterine disease that required either surgery and/or daily hormone injections. The tests alone were going to cost us about $2,500 and since I didn't want to do either of those options, it seemed like a waste of money. I PRAYED for another option because I had tried everything from medicine to (literally hundreds) of supplements, juicing, strict diet changes... all of it. I was totally at the end of the road with all this and had no idea what to do. A few days later, a lady in our community invited me to an essential oils class at GMS where (my now upline) would be teaching. I had been to a class over a year before but Anthony had said no way to getting a kit and starting yet ANOTHER health thing. I think he was tired of seeing them fail every time and didn't want to see me get my hopes up and get disappointed again. Plus, we had spent a mini fortune on other "natural" options with absolutely no change in my health.
But I felt like I should at least attend the class and hear what the ladies had to say again. This time, she ended the class with talking about Progessence Plus and how much it had helped support her hormones. It was under $40 for the bottle as a member so I called Anthony and he (reluctantly) said yes. I took a kit home that night, ordered the Progessence and began using it daily. Within six weeks, my cycle was regular. Within three months, I was having NO cramps for the first time in my life. Within six months, I was sleeping better, thinking better, feeling better, starting to lose weight again.... it was incredible. Nothing short of a miracle. No tests. No surgeries. No injections. No medicines that made me so sick I couldn't get off the couch. No time consuming appointments. No costly tests. No unsustainable shakes or crazy, limiting diets. No mounds of supplements. Just three drops of oil morning and night on various parts of my body. EVERYONE in my life noticed the change. It was amazing.
So... here I am over a year later with more personal testimonies than I can count for myself and the other three members of our family. I am still on a health journey but I can honestly say I have never felt better in my entire life. I have been given almost 200 people in my downline (what?!) as a Silver leader with Young Living.  I receive messages DAILY from people whose lives have been changed in big and small ways from these oils... which I believe to be a GIFT from God and a way for Him to show us His love and grace.
I am telling you that if you decide that you are going to use these oils and become a Young Living member, it is going to be one of the best decisions you ever made. It isn't difficult - we smell them, rub them and eat them. We are not just covering up symptoms here and fostering a dependence on chemical substances. There are PURE and NATURAL and you will actually need less over time for the same effect. Why? Because our bodies are literally designed by God to receive essential oils at the cellular level. These aren't new or new-age. They are GOD's provision for us and have been here for us since the earth was formed. Plus, if you join an active team like Peace of our Home, you are going to have support and help from one of the best oil groups around. Everyone that uses the oils daily on our team is PASSIONATE about them. There is a reason for that!
Would you join us? Will you take a chance at this and give yourself and your family the BEST options to support your health and wellness? If you're ready to learn more about how to get these oils in your home for you and your family, head over to our Order Oils page.  YOU HAVE OPTIONS.  Use them!  We cannot wait to help you along in this great journey!

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